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How to Train Your Dog to Stop Biting

The main focus of the Funny Dog Videos Blog is to show you funny videos of dogs. But there are a few secondary purposes. For example, we also like to share inspirational stories of dogs and also dog training tips videos. This is our first dog training video that we are posted. It is about How to Train Your Dog to Stop Biting. Having a dog that bites a lot isn’t a good thing, especially if the people the dog is going after are visitors to your house (or trying to bite the mail delivery person). There are also problems with dogs biting leashes, furniture, or other things they shouldn’t be biting (like the hand that feeds them).

Today we are bringing you three different videos that discuss how to train your dog (or puppy) to stop biting.

Video #1: How to Teach a Puppy to Stop Biting


Video #2: The Amazing Dog Training Man – Biting


Video #3: Animal Planet Host – Get Dog to Stop Biting


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Posted by Joe Tracy - December 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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